Cooking Together

Cooking Together is about Kitchen Table Coaching.

As a busy professional, I know it’s hard to get food on the table.
The  challenges are many and varied.

  • late nights at the office,
  • shuttling kids to lessons and practice,
  • long weeks of travel
  • over-scheduled weekends

Don’t know where to get started on meal planning? I can help!
Need a plan for weekly meal prep for lunches and dinners! We have that here.
Need easy entertaining ideas? You’ll find that here too.

Need personal help? I’m here. I can
Help you plan a menu for a special event, and a working plan to get it all done.
Help you translate your new diet into a regular meal plan.
Help you strategize healthy meals for fussy kids.

In the Seattle area? We have in person opportunities. 

Food Tastings
Let’s do a food tasting for your girls night, we’ll work on the menu, I’ll prep and lead the activity, then clean up as you open another bottle of wine.

Freezer Meal Workshops
Join me for brunch and freezer meal prep. Held on Sunday morning, you leave full of coffee and brunch pastries with a bag of meals for the days ahead.

Meal Prep Workshops
Focused on prepping a full week of meals, you leave with  individually portioned lunches and dinners. These will last you for a week, or if frozen they’ll last up to a month. It’s a great way to get in the groove of Meal Prep and it’s a fun social event.